Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Just Say No to Snow

Since I don't really have any food stuff to write about, I'm just going to take this opportunity to whine and babble.

It's snowing again. :( I worked this past weekend and had to drive in the snow. Now here we are again... even more snow. Luckily, my friend Francy (who is the secretary on my shift) has a friend with a big truck so they're going to swing by and pick me up today. The part I'm mostly worried about is how many of my employees are going to call off because of the snow. Since we work at a hospital, it doesn't matter how bad it gets, we're still open. They offer a free taxi if you can't drive in the bad weather, but some of the people either live outside the area the taxi will drive to, or they just won't ride in the taxi because they think the drivers are creepy.

We're supposed to be having a carry in at work to celebrate 3 birthdays today. It's nothing fancy, just a hotdog dinner. I supply all of the hotdogs and they each bring something to go along with it. One lady makes chili sauce, someone brings condiments, someone brings plates and silverware, someone brings soda, etc. It's a fun thing to do. I always ask everyone what they want for their birthday. I use to buy it, but I decided it was getting too costly, so now I make what they want. :) One guy wants no bake cookies, the other guy wants plain brownies, and my boss wants brownies with icing (she loves chocolate). I made the no bake cookies last night, and then I made dark chocolate brownies with dark chocolate icing and sprinkled mini semi-sweet chocolate chips on top. Since we have 3 birthdays to celebrate at once, Francy is helping me out by making the plain brownies.

I'm thinking if everyone calls off and I get stuck at work over night, I just may have to eat some of this stuff. LOL!!! Seriously, I hope not. Well, I'd better eat something and then shovel some snow before I leave. Thanks for listening to me babble. :)

PS, I'll post the recipe for waffles and pancakes I made on Friday hopefully sometime tomorrow (unless I'm still at work).

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